My email is back, after over 24 hours of downtime. Needless to say I will be leaving Dreamhost and finding another company for my email service as soon as I can arrange for the data migration (I always picture flocks of birds made of numbers when I think of that phrase). I did receive some email from the past day, but am by no means sure everything came through--however, it should now be safe to resend!

Kindle news: I am loving the Kindle so far. I have already read several manuscripts on it, and transferred a bunch of other manuscripts and e-books to read at my earliest opportunity. Even better, Amazon doesn't appear to be billing me for any of the documents I have emailed to myself (I haven't done that much emailing yet--for the most part I've been converting various file formats to .prc with MobiPocket Creator and transferring them to the Kindle via USB--but having the ability to receive documents by email too is wonderful).

And now I am going to go back up all my email and collapse in an exhausted & relieved heap.

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Glad your email is back up! When mine goes down, I always feel as though I've lost an arm. I know, I'm pathetic, but what if someone important is emailing me right now???


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There's some sum you have to reach on the little mini-charges before Amazon bills you. I can't remember what number it is. $10 or $30 worth of charges -- something like that. A lot of files at 10 cents a pop.
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