I will be attending several conventions over the next few months, so I wanted to post a list of where I'll be and when:

May 22-25, Wiscon (Madison, WI)

May 29-31, Book Expo America (New York, NY)

June 12-14, DucKon (Naperville, IL), with Seanan McGuire

June 25-28, Writing Popular Fiction Retreat at Seton Hill University (Greensburg, PA)

I had been hoping to make it to RWA National this year, but as of now I am not registered. See you next year in NYC!

I'll be updating and adding to my schedule as I confirm more events, and maybe someday will even graduate to putting things in the sidebar like a real blogger. (One of my goals for 2009 is to finally embed this blog within my website and add some content to it to replace the placeholder splash page that has been there for way too long, so isn't it wonderful that Dreamwidth makes crossposting so easy?)

Next, two contests:

ARCs for Rosemary and Rue have arrived! To win one, comment at Seanan McGuire's blog before Friday, May 8th... and trust me when I say you want to enter so you can get to read this book.

Anna Katherine has a new blog and a guest post up at Darque Reviews here, where she is giving away a copy of the just-released Salt and Silver. (I already talked about how much I like Salt and Silver in my last post, so I think everyone should enter this contest too.)

Happy Thursday!
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