I haven't updated in five months, and every time I go to make a post it seems more and more daunting after so much time has passed--such are the dangers of procrastination! I spent a lot of time this summer traveling, had a bout of really nasty flu which took what felt like forever to recover from, and I've been working on some agency-related projects (including, finally, a real website) that I hope will be done by the new year. I'm also looking forward to attending more conferences in 2010, and will be updating my list of confirmed appearances soon.

The other big change that 2010 may bring is that I'm considering taking on an intern for the first time. My submissions have increased significantly and continue to do so, and the colleagues I've spoken with about it confirm that this is true across the board. One reason I've heard put forth is the economy; with more people unemployed, the amount of writers with time to finish books and query agents has grown. However, the very same economy is forcing agents to be more selective than ever in taking on new clients, which results in a lot more slush to read for fewer positive results... and more work for less profit for the agents. (Of course we're not alone in that, given how financially tough things are for so many people right now.)

Whatever the reason, it's both more important and more difficult than ever to keep up with new submissions, and interns can be an invaluable resource. I know this because like so many other publishing professionals, I started my career as one! I'm not sure if I'll look for online interns or someone local or both, but I'll announce it here when I'm ready to begin actively recruiting.

Next, I have some client news:

The Second Duchess by Elizabeth Loupas has sold to NAL/Penguin! Based on Robert Browning's classic poem "To My Last Duchess", Elizabeth's historical debut is the story of the Duke of Ferrara's second bride Barbara of Austria, who sets out to learn the truth about her new husband’s murdered first wife. It's got elements of mystery, romance, palace intrigue, and all the opulence and danger of an Italian Renaissance court--I like to describe it as Philippa Gregory meets The Lovely Bones.

This next deal happened earlier in the summer and you may have already seen it mentioned in GalleyCat and Io9 as well as on her blog, but Seanan McGuire has a new trilogy and a new pseudonym! Her Newsflesh books will be published by Orbit US and Orbit UK under the name Mira Grant, beginning with Feed in May 2010. Part science fiction political thriller, part late-night movie gorefest, and part satire, Feed is an epic tale of blogging, politics, and, of course, zombies. I can't wait for this book to come out.

One other exciting piece of news from Seanan: her debut novel, Rosemary and Rue has been chosen as the first selection for the new book club at Genreville, the Publishers Weekly science fiction and fantasy blog. The book is in stores now, and there's still time to pick up a copy before the discussion begins on October 19th.

October also sees the release of Immortal: Love Stories With Bite, an anthology of vampire romance from some of today's most popular YA fantasy authors, including a story by Claudia Gray set in the Evernight universe. Technically this is a re-release since the book was first published as a Borders exclusive last summer, but Ben Bella has repackaged it with a new cover and wider distribution, so if you like sexy, scary young adult vampire stories--and as I think we've seen conclusively of late, who doesn't?--you might want to check it out.

Finally, Nadia Lee will be doing a free ebook giveaway of her novella, A Happily Ever After of Her Own, in serialized form with updates every Monday. She also has some interesting posts on her decision to release this story online for free and on working with the cover artist here, here, and here.

That's all for now! And to everyone getting a day off because this is a national holiday, I hope you've been enjoying the mini-vacation.
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