Three announcements:

First, this week saw the release of Salt and Silver, a new urban fantasy by Anna Katherine. My favorite things about this book are the heroine, Allie, because her voice really stands out for me, the strong worldbuilding, and a New York that feels like New York. Of course, there's also a yummy hero and lots of demon hunting and magic and sex and a Hellmouth Door to Hell (what? I know what I like in an urban fantasy/paranormal romance!)--and if you like that sort of thing too, I strongly recommend you pick up a copy.

Second, I have changed my submission guidelines. I will still look at snail mail/hard copy submissions, but if you do choose to query me the old fashioned way, you must include your email address in your letter as I will respond to all queries exclusively via email from now on.

I repeat: I will respond to all queries exclusively via email from now on. Do NOT include a SASE with your submission, as I will no longer be sending out paper rejections. As always, I cannot return unsolicited manuscripts, so please do not send them. I apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause, but please understand that it is being enacted in the interest of saving time, money, and our planet's resources.

Third, I am crossposting from a new social networking/journaling service called Dreamwidth (you can find me there as While I have no intention of abandoning Livejournal yet and will continue to reproduce all my posts in both places, I'm supporting Dreamwidth during open beta because I like their policy of no ads, the level of communication between the site owners and the users, and the cool new features. The best part is, if you want to import your entire journal or blog over there, you can do it with a couple of clicks! They're still working out some technical issues, but I tested it by importing this blog there last night and it seems to have reproduced everything. Now we will see if it crossposts as well! And if any of you also have Dreamwidth accounts , drop me a comment there and say hello.
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